26 julho, 2013


Lorenzo is half Italian, half portuguese with a french education. He lives in the city, near Estefania Hospital. He loves cooking and sharing it with his friends.


18 julho, 2013


She lives where her passion is...the sea. 
Loves the depth, the colour, the air breeze, the breaking waves, the feeling it leaves you and also the way it clears your mind. Wherever she goes she takesthe sea with her and it influences all her life. 
When she is by the sea,she is happier.

15 julho, 2013

Are You curious about Spot team?

Although we came from different places, we all have different styles/backgrounds and love working together to craft the finest design pieces just for You!
Let us introduce our team from a different point of view. Every week we will release some new informations about each of us.

Stay tuned!

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