23 agosto, 2013


Here is where we meet, it´s where we work for You and give our best every day to make our projects unique. It´s where we cooperate and gather our experiences and tastes. It´s where everything happens.
You can come by and see our "SPOT".

14 agosto, 2013


Magda is a Polish girl who fell in love with Portugal. Her passion is travelling which makes it a huge inspiration for her work. On her spare time she loves creating small pieces of jewellery. She is interested in new trends, graphic design and multimedia. Appreciates simplicity and order and pays special attention to detail, which she thinks that creates harmony in the whole of a project. 

08 agosto, 2013


Isabel likes good books. She is passionate about  medieval times as much as she is about the magic of Disney World. Good apple pie for dessert and a nice movie makes her happy. She loves to spend time on the beach swimming in the sun. Isabel thanks God for every single day and tries to be happy with the small and simple things of life. Her life motto is to smile, always…

01 agosto, 2013


Always with a book by her side, she takes confort and inspiration from nature.
Enjoys sipping a warm cup of tea while her dog sleeps in her lap (or any other cat or dog that comes near her). Ana also loves simplicity, the pureness of white and the sound of the leaves rustling in the wind.

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